1. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Monday, Monday →

    It’s mexicali monday!

  2. Me too, Hank. Me too.

    Me too, Hank. Me too.

  3. It’s gospel Sunday!

  4. Caleb Kenna Captures Vermonters Being →

    Last post of the day, then I’m out of here:

    Brandon, VT, photographer Caleb Kenna has been a local fixture in Vermont’s small but highly productive media landscape. His photos are familiar to readers of the Seven Days (http://www.7dvt.com/) and to many gallery visitors over the past decade. Recently, he’s come out with a portrait series focusing excusively on Vermont residents- in their cars, on the street, on the farm- often in the snow, of course. The photos are touching, mundane, empathetic, and brilliantly composed. Give yourself a break today and stare into some eyes, hmm?

  5. We need wilderness whether or not we ever set foot in it. We need a refuge even though we may never need to go there…. We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope.

    — Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire. 1968.

  6. To reach the dollar store beyond the river, one must first travel the path of the ninja.

    I often find myself retracing my steps along a certain path that I’ve walked before at that time in the day, just to get the same view of the mountains, woods, or sunset. Luckily, Bennington has entire miles of gentle hiking trails on its 400-acre campus. Sometimes, however, you want to both walk AND get somewhere- but let’s face it, a 2-lane county road is a lot less appealing than a hike through the pines, so that’s when most of us reach for our cell phones and call the campus shuttle.

    Enter the ninja path. 

    A group of volunteers in Bennington have begun to build a “ninja path” by linking together public and private trails that helps people avoid roads and commute by their own power. It’s a remarkable display of cooperation between landowners, municipal government, volunteers, and nonprofits, that will hopefully soon lead to a new trail between North Bennington and Bennington proper (for reference, Bennington College is pretty much smack-dab in between the two municipalities). 

    The Berkshire Eagle has the scoop:


    All with a budget of $212 for a year’s work? Makes the recently finished Bennington Bypass look like Boston’s Big Dig.

  7. New Year’s Resolution: Buy warmer gloves.

    New Year’s Resolution: Buy warmer gloves.


    My first since high school. Buckets of snow kept us out of the office until this morning, but we’re slowly trickling into the Admissions office on this frigid Friday. The snow made for an beautiful, if arduous, commute for most of us.